• Adan Canto Shower Scene GIF


    Adan Canto Shower Scene GIF

    Adan Canto doesn’t look thrilled to be interrupted while trying to get in the shower to lather himself down. I would love to soap him down all over. Lather his entire body. Run my hands over his perfect chest. Down his rippled abs. Spend extra time down below!

    Canto is currently playing Dominic in the comedy TV show Mixology. Maybe the writers will stick in a shirtless scene of him at some point knowing that it would break records with tons of us tuning in to check him out!

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  • Cameron Monaghan Stripping Scene on Shameless


    Cameron Monaghan Stripping Scene on Shameless GIF

    Cameron Monaghan does an incredibly hot strip scene in the Showtime show Shameless! The show is becoming more and more popular because of its outrageousness and it certainly helps that Monaghan plays the gay brother Ian Gallagher.

    Monaghan is in three upcoming movies. He is going to be  starring in the movie Mall. As soon as I find out the release date I will tease you with more great GIFs of him. Get you ready for him on the big screen!

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    Cameron Monaghan Stripping Scene on Shameless GIF


  • Steve Zahn’s Nude Ass in Joy Ride


    Steve Zahn’s Nude Ass in Joy Ride

    Steve Zahn has the cutest little bubble butt in this GIF from the film Joy Ride. It is a scene with him and Paul Walker who as you can see has a fantastic male actor naked ass too! Zahn is not a leading man actor. He is more of the smaller part funny guy. It fits his silly looks just fine.

    Zahn is currently playing the co-starring role of Clark Edwards in the new show Mind Games. He is playing opposite Christian Slater. It is kind of a hectic show that I found a little too much. It is disappointing because it is yet another flop for Slater. The show is wavering in the cancel/renew department.  I am curious to see which way it will go.

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    Steve Zahn’s Nude Ass in Joy Ride


  • Sterling Sulieman Leaves Me Hungry For More

    Sterling Sulieman Leaves Me Hungry For More. Only a body like this is formed by spending hours in the gym pouring sweat, on the floor pumping away. I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off him while I pumped away on my cycle dreaming of what I could do to work him out! And that face. Mmmm.

    Sulieman just got a great part in the new television show Mind Games as Oliver/Rush. After doing guest appearances on tons of shows this is his first regular part. I am hoping that the show is successful so that we can see him every week.


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  • Jesse Metcalfe’s Rock Hard Ass


    Jesse Metcalfe’s Rock Hard Ass

    Jesse Metcalfe has an ass of stone. Is the black guy trying to check him out? Sure looks like it to me! I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t! He shouldn’t be covering his junk up. That totally sucks for us.

    Metcalfe plays Christopher Ewing in the remake of the TV show Dallas. Remakes don’t usually make it but this one has so many hot male actors that it was sure to be a hit just based on that! I love to see their asses and undress these sexy male actors with my eyes! The shirtless scenes help!

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  • Chris Evans Bulging in His Underwear


    Chris Evans Bulging in His Underwear

    Chris Evans shows off an impressive bulge as well as a perfect body in this GIF from the film Not Another Teen Movie. He has the lightest amount of chest hair for those of us that like a touch of man with out the best coming out before our eyes… well, you know what I mean. There is the beast and then there is the beast. There isn’t a thing wrong with this perfect shirtless male actor body!

    Evans plays Steve Rogers aka Captain America in the Captain America films. I am getting ready for his newest one: Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It makes for a great Friday night drool fest in the theater and then a hopeful night after!

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    Chris Evans Bulging in His Underwear


  • Black Male Actor Marlon Wayans Naked Ass


    Black Male Actor Marlon Wayans Naked Ass

    Marlon Wayans has the epitome of what we all know the black male ass is. It is the perfect black bubble butt. It is tight and squeezable. Wayan’s front can almost be described as a twink. He isn’t well built. A little soft. Really cute. No hair. Just some scruff on his face. That can be taken care of though!

    Wayansis best known from the show The Wayans Bros. as Marlon Williams. He is starring in the new film A Haunted House 2. I love his films because they make me laugh and I can some good screen time with his cute little face and I know that sweet ass is under his clothes when I see him from behind!

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    Black Male Actor Marlon Wayans Naked Ass


  • Jacob Artist GIF in Bed


    Jacob Artist GIF in Bed

    How would you like Jacob Artist to lay in bed and invite you in with those steamy brown eyes? I would jump at the chance? That guy who is just sitting there is a pure idiot! Artist has a great 6 pack on that supreme body of his. I also love his nipples.

    Artist plays the role of Jake Puckerman in the TV series of Glee. He plays the part really well. I think he has a great career ahead of him. I am hoping he will end up getting leading roles in sexy movies!

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  • Jason Momoa’s Hot Sex Scene



    Jason Momoa’s Hot Sex Scene

    Jason Momoa riding me with that big beefy body… pinch me…  And the perfect amount of chest hair spread out in the perfect places. Hairy enough to be manly. The girl just doesn’t look like she is having any fun of this GIF sex scene. What a fool!

    Momoa is best known as Ronon Dex in the TV show Stargate: Atlantas and also as Conan in the film Conan the Barbarian.  He has just taken the starring role as Phillip Kopus in the new TV series The Red Road. It looks like he may show some skin!

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  • Cam Gigandet Rock Hard Body


    Cam Gigandet Rock Hard Body

    Cam Gigandet has only what I can say is a sinfully sensual body. Very seldom do you see such a rock hard body on film. Gigandet’s ass is unbelievable! I can barely drag my eyes away from it! It is small and tight. Can you imagine what a full frontal nude picture of him would look like?! Check out the V-cut!  Not a speck of him on his oh smooth bare chest! He must spend hours and hours working to keep his body like that! I could keep the rest of him rock hard the rest of his day and night!

    Gigandet is in the new film In the Blood. He will also be starring in the upcoming film One Square Mile. Lots of film time for us to see him in.

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